Dental Hygiene

Most oral disease is preventable with the right diet, oral hygiene habits, and knowledge. Our office will counsel you from start to finish on how to care for your particular situation in your mouth. We realize individual patients have differences in carbohydrate intake, salivary flow, and medical conditions, as well as brushing habits, daily routines, and physical handicaps. We will customize a program of oral care and home care which will take your oral condition and home habits into consideration, then suggest changes to create and maintain a healthy oral environment.

- Prophyllaxis (Cleaning) performed by a hygienist in the office. They will scale tartar off teeth above and below gumline, then polish the teeth. At this time, periodontal charting will be done to ensure healthy bone levels. Any necessary x-rays will be taken at this time also.

- Examintation of the teeth and gums is performed by a hygienist and checked by Dr. Santacroce. Any gum, tooth or oral pathology will be noted at this time, and treatment will be suggested.

-Fluoride treatment is done after a cleaning on patients 13 years old or under. Fluoride is the best known way to strengthen enamel and fight tooth decay.